Press Release

June 30 2011 14.00pm CET

Lamp industry addresses the need for harmonized regulations of certain high performance lamps

Brussels, Belgium -- The European Lamp Companies Federation (ELC) is addressing the need to harmonize national and international regulations concerning certain high performance lamps. These lamps are primarily used in professional applications. To make them high performance they contain small amounts of low level radiation emitters. Those lamps are proven harmless to health and the environment by independent studies./p>

While many authorities acknowledge that these lamps shall not require any regulatory control, the national interpretation of the international basic safety standards and implementation into national regulation is still quite varied.

Together with the relevant authorities, the ELC is working towards harmonization of the interpretation and implementation of the applicable regulations. This has resulted in 30 countries granting one or more lamp manufacturers a license or exemption from further licensing requirements. The lamp manufacturers are now informing their customers and other stakeholders about the current situation on a country by country basis.

Jürgen Sturm, ELC Secretary General, confirms:” As a responsible industry we continue our dialogue with national and international regulatory authorities on the specific licensing requirements per country. Our final objective is to achieve harmonization of the complex set of regulations facing the whole supply chain."

For further information please contact:

Juergen Sturm, Secretary General, ELC, Brussels

Tel. +32 474 998 864, email: [email protected]

For over 20 years the European Lamp Companies Federation (ELC), has represented the leading European lamp manufacturers. The ELC is dedicated to promoting efficient lighting practice for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort and the health and safety of consumers. This press release is issued on behalf of the ELC members involved and more information on the topic of this press release can be found at: